more than a patient; a person

Keep your dignity – Stay in control – Be confident – Feel like YOU

INGA Wellbeing’s award-winning collection of meticulously designed, luxuriously soft and unashamedly stylish men’s and women’s wear is indispensable clothing for ill health: providing in- and out-patients with dignity, comfort, confidence and independence.  


Inspired by our own hospital and at-home care experiences, and created by a fashion designer together with medical staff, INGA Wellbeing’s day/night loungewear not only looks and feels great to wear, it makes dressing with medical devices easier and provides discreet access to the body for examinations, treatment or massages.

Our versatile range of adapted tops, trousers and dresses support mental and physical wellbeing by ensuring patients can dress ‘well’ even when unwell, which nurses and researchers believe helps to limit the negative effects of bedrest and isolation so often blamed on the hospital gown.

Whether you choose an entire INGA Wellbeing outfit personalised with accessories, or combine our classic, timeless items with familiar wardrobe favourites, you will feel empowered, cared for and like YOU.

Feedback, Awards & Press Coverage

  • "I felt as if I was in normal clothes. A guy like any other. In front of the nurses I felt properly dressed."

    Pinto Treated at Belgium's Jules Bordet Institute
  • "We think that INGA Wellbeing collection is innovative and creative. This will be a huge benefit for patients."

    Stoma care department nurses St. Mary's Hospital, UK
  • "Being able to look 'normal', dress and undress independently, plays an important part in patients' recovery."

    Dr. Sophie Cvilic Cliniques St. Jean, Brussels

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