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INGA Wellbeing provides attractive, nurse-approved patient clothing so that you can ditch the hospital gown, keep your dignity, be comfortable and feel like you.

Whether you are having medical treatment in hospital, as an outpatient or at home, INGA Wellbeing’s stylish, adapted clothing empowers you to dress ‘well’, move about, get some fresh air and enjoy visitors.  

Suitable for all medical conditions, our tops, trousers and dresses in soft, natural jersey accommodate medical devices and provide easy access for examinations and treatments.

INGA Wellbeing adapted patient clothing: cross-over top with arm openings

Dressing ‘well’ when unwell is not vanity, it’s necessity!

Inspired by our own experiences of ill health and determined to help patients to live life as fully as possible, we’re calling time on the dreaded hospital gown and depressing all-day nightwear which research shows makes us all look, feel and even become ‘sicker’!!!  

Instead, our fashion designer joined forces with doctors, nurses and physiotherapists to create clothes that support patient wellbeing. Not only does our men’s- and women’s wear look fabulously ‘normal’ – great, even! – it has discreet, hygienic openings for IV lines, drains, monitors and stress-free examinations.

You can wear INGA Wellbeing as night- or leisurewear sets or mix and match with your own familiar wardrobe items, such as jeans, shirt or scarf, for a more personalised look. 


Approved by doctors, nurses & physiotherapists for medical treatment in hospital and at-home.


Suitable for all medical conditions i.e. no need to worry: the clothes will work with all medical devices.


No metal parts. Safe for scans and monitors. Hygienic plastic snap tape used to secure openings.


Machine-washable. Clothes survive (and don’t shrink) with high temperatures and tumble drying!


Natural fabric – cotton/viscose – helps body temperature and odour regulation. Soft to the touch.


A thoughtful and useful gift for a loved one or colleague. Gift-wrapping available.

  • As soon as I put the top on a huge smile came to my face and I realised this would be my go-to item every time I go into the hospital. Not only is it extremely comfortable and so soft on the skin but I felt stylish. I didn’t feel ill or exposed ...

  • I wore my cross over top to a chemotherapy session and the nurse was also really impressed. The top is quite discreet ... as the poppers on the sleeve are well hidden. It wasn’t until I put the top on that I appreciated the design as it really is a great top for wearing in hospital.

INGA Wellbeing adapted patient clothing: gift voucher

Giving the gift of dignity!

Many people tell us that INGA Wellbeing clothes are a great self-empowerment purchase and make a perfect gift. Selecting the right item(s) is just a question of preferred style and colour: no medical knowledge needed. And if choosing for your loved one or colleague is awkward, we have vouchers so that they can shop for themselves.  

You can even club together as a group of friends, colleagues or family members to make a purchase with the easy-to-use ‘Chippin’ payment system when you go to checkout.  This clever integrated app will track all contributions to the chosen gift so that you don’t’ have to.  A great way to take the headache out of organising a thoughtful group gift.

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