Why Dress Well When Unwell

Nurses know from experience, and medical studies have proven, that what patients wear during medical treatment is more than just aesthetics and personal style. Clothing that improves patients’ wellbeing – their dignity, comfort and confidence – and in which they feel able to move around and enjoy the company of visitors is beneficial to their health.

Indeed, nurse-led campaign #endPJparalysis aims to make patients and their loved ones aware of the dangers of too much bedrest and becoming institutionalised. Instead of the hospital gown and nightwear, it encourages patients to bring their own clothes to hospital and get dressed every day. In so doing, it has been shown that the loss of muscle and bone density experienced by patients can be limited, infection rates lowered and recovery times shortened.  Indeed, more and more experts want to ‘Ban Bedcentricity’ and get patients up, dressed and moving.

However, putting on home clothes independently is all but impossible, and certainly uncomfortable and time-consuming, when patients are hooked up to IV lines, drains and monitors. Patients are dependent on others for help.

INGA Wellbeing provides patients with the best possible clothes for the best possible care.

“By getting patients into their own clothes and building their strength, as well as improving their mental outlook on the reason for their stay, it enhances the mental wellbeing of patients as they are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their own health and become active participants in their personal health journey.”

UK’s Chief Nursing Officer Professor Jane Cummings.

With the styling of home clothes, and way more functionality than hospital gowns, these clothes make it possible to dress ‘well’ even when unwell.

Putting the patient first: Dignity assured.

Going through medical treatment is bewildering and disorientating at the best of times. Feeling exposed and uncomfortable because our bodies are not sufficiently covered can make us feel even more vulnerable (and often, quite simply, cold). We’ve been there. Too often. Making sure that routine examinations and treatments could be carried out with minimal undressing was our top priority when we were designing INGA Wellbeing clothing. Working with nurses, we identified the key parts of patients’ bodies to which medical staff need quick and regular access and created discreet poppered openings that make this possible without having to uncover too much else. Now patients can keep their dignity, and nurses save time and energy not having to wrestle with awkward high-street clothing and can provide the quality care that they aspire to.

Suitable for most conditions: No medical degree required.

Knowing how confusing medical terms are when you are first diagnosed, and that needs can change over the course of treatment, it was important to us that no-one should need a medical degree to work out whether INGA Wellbeing range of clothing will work for themselves or their loved one. They will. That’s one less thing to worry about.  Indeed, not only did we design our clothes with nurses but we have tested them in nurse-training simulation labs on mannequin patients and they have been worn by many patients on many different hospital wards: from oncology, gastroenterology, nephrology to palliative and more.  This peace of mind makes INGA Wellbeing clothing different from other adapted clothing brands that mostly focus on the interventions needed for one particular condition.

Comfort and Control: true patient-centred healthcare

Everyone hopes that their time in hospital or receiving at-home care will be short and as such most of us accept some level of discomfort and loss of control/independence as just ‘part of the process’. But we know from experience, other patients have told us and studies have confirmed that even the briefest of time spent confined indoors receiving medical treatment can lead to low self-esteem, reduced sociability and a negative mindset.  INGA Wellbeing clothes feel great to wear as we have deliberately chosen a soft, natural fibre jersey fabric for maximum comfort, and the since their classic styling means they also look entirely normal you will feel good wearing them and not be embarrassed to have visitors.  Importantly, it is possible for most patients to dress and undress by themselves, and therefore choose when they get up, have a shower, and go to bed. Being in control of these seemingly small things makes a big difference when so many other decisions are in others’ hands. And once you are dressed and feeling good, getting outside for a walk with a friend, or having a coffee in the café will feel achievable and is oh so good for you!


Features & benefits

Features Benefits
Clothes look entirely normal > Patients feel like themselves and keep their self confidence
Discreet openings for IV lines, drains, monitors, examinations, treatments and massages > Nurses able to give more respectful & efficient care, and patients stay well covered and comfortable
Full arm opening enables independent dressing and undressing (for many) even with IV lines in place > Patients can decide for themselves when they want to shower, change, get ready for bed
Exterior pockets > Able to carry personal items e.g. cellphone, money, tissues
Soft, gently elasticated fabric > Comfortable to wear
Wrap design and/or poppers to adjust size > Accommodates patients’ changes in weight and shape
Made from natural fibres, washable at 40 degrees C > Patients’ bodies able to better control temperature and thus odour
Contrast poppers/snap tape and red guide lines provided > Makes it easier to see the poppers and prevent mis-poppering
No metal parts > Can be worn safely for MRIs and x-rays. Tested!

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