The Dangers of Too Much Bedrest

Clothes are much more than just vanity! What we wear during medical treatment affects our morale, how much we sit, walk and socialise and therefore our appetite, muscles, bones and balance. Indeed, nurses know, and researchers have confirmed, that the hospital gown makes patients feel, behave and become sicker.

The following data is sourced from studies publicised by the nurse-led campaign #endPJparalysis which was begun by Professor Brian Dolan and is supported by the UK’s Chief Nursing Officer Professor Jane Cummings.

  • Patients wearing day clothes in hospital spent 0.75 fewer days in hospitals than patients who wore gowns or traditional pyjamas.
  • A person over 80 who spends 10 days in a hospital bed will lose 10% of muscle mass.  This could be the difference between going home and going to a home.
  • Lack of movement reduces patients’ appetite.
  • Up to 50% of older people become incontinent within 24 hours of admission.

The Ban Bedcentricity movement, like the #endPJparalysis campaign, is convincing more and more healthcare practitioners that patients’ should only spend the night in bed, if at all possible, and should be encouraged to dress, walk, use the toilet, eat sitting at a table, and socialise as much as possible.

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