Women’s multi shorts-sleeve t-shirt care package (X2)

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The perfect package for a hospital bag – two beatuifully, simple and stylish tees.  Our signature, poppered front-opening and full-arm access makes dressing with IV lines easy for patients that are up and about, and it has a v-neckline at the back making it reversible so that it can be easily placed onto an immobile patient too.  We’ve kept the elegant breast pocket for good looks (and small items), and decided to streamline this design with no side opening or internal pockets.  This top therefore offers great functionality and comfort at an affordable price.  A go-to solution for every medical check-up, outpatient treatment or hospitalisation.  By purchasing two you can have one on, and one in the wash.
  • Poppered sleeve openings allow most individuals to dress and undress independently even when connected to IV lines and drains.
  • Front opening provides access to the chest area and makes dressing easier.
  • Reversible: V-neckline at the back makes the top comfortable and easy to put on immobile patients.
  • Soft, natural fabric ensures maximum comfort and helps to regulate body temperature and odour.
  • No metal parts

NOTE: No side opening or interior pockets. Please consider purchasing the long-sleeved t-shirt top if these are design features you are looking for:

long-sleeved t-shirt top

(NOTE: July 2018: We have decided to change the colour of our blue clothes from ‘MIDNIGHT’ blue to ‘NAVY’ blue.  These short-sleeved t-shirt tops are the first to be produced in the new colour and do not therefore match perfectly with our blue trousers, which are darker.)

Sizing Guide

We have been generous in the sizing of our garments so please do check our sizing guide in the FAQ section to avoid any surprises when you receive your clothes.  We can not, unfortunately, offer free return shipping.


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