Women’s back-opening (night)dress


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A classic, back-opening wrap dress – for day or night – with flattering cowl neckline; generous cross-over for modesty; and, discreet abdomen, arms & chest access.



With its feminine cowl neckline, butterfly sleeves and flattering faux-waist belt, this elegant and comfortable dress blurs the line between night- and daywear ensuring that, even if you find yourself unable to ‘get up’, you’ll feel dressed and able to cope with the day ahead.

Its’ innovative design — with collar to cuff openings on both sleeves — empowers most individuals to dress and undress unaided even when hooked up to IV lines, and allows full access to the stomach without revealing too much else.

  • Opens fully at the back to make dressing in bed and toilet-trips easier but with a generous cross over to preserve modesty at all times.
  • Discreet poppered openings along the sleeves and to the stomach and lower chest area accommodate IV lines, drains, feeding tubes and monitors, without snagging or pulling.
  • Flexible fastening system is simple (belt threaded through side holes) and secure as a choice of press studs enables dress to be loosened or tightened as desired. No need to sleep with the belt done up.
  • Soft, stretchy, natural fabric ensures maximum comfort and helps to regulate body temperature and odour.
  • Interior pockets can hold small drains discreetly, hiding all tubing and making moving about more possible, while being viewed from the outside to minimise undressing.
  • It is possible to lift the cowl for greater coverage of the chest area.

See our video providing more images and examples of Viviane wearing the (night)dress following her surgery here.

Sizing Guide

We have been generous in the sizing of our garments so please do check our sizing guide to avoid any surprises when you receive your clothes. We can not, unfortunately, offer free return shipping.

For your info, Fiona is wearing a size XS. She is 1.77 meters (5’8”) tall. and weighs 59 kg (130 lbs).


All prices are excluding VAT as the UK government currently applies a zero rate to products, such as ours, that are specifically destined for use by those with a chronic illness or disability, wherever they may live. We will, however, request that you complete a short statement of good faith after purchase in order that we can keep this special status and thus make these clothes accessible to as many people as possible. Thank you.



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