Men’s relaxed trousers


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These versatile trousers combine comfort, style and function, with the soft jersey fabric suited to both day- or nightwear. Discreet openings to the groin and legs.



Leisurewear/pyjama trousers have never looked so good, been so comfortable and so packed with hidden functionality! Indeed, it is almost impossible to see the full-width front panel that can be lowered to provide access to the groin area without needing to fully undress.

Furthermore, the trousers have two real side pockets, an adjustable waist, can be tightened around the ankle to reduce their length, and both legs open on the outside seams from ankle to mid-thigh to discreetly accommodate drains and make examinations and treatments easier.

  • Lightly elasticated waist belt at the back, together with adjustable poppers and buttons, ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Poppered fly opening enables quick access while also ensuring modesty.
  • Front panel opens fully, providing access from waist to upper thigh, and is fastened securely with buttons to ensure there is no risk of sudden exposure.
  • Leg outer seams are poppered from the ankle to mid-thigh and can be fully or partially opened as needed to allow access to catheter bags or to the leg for treatment.
  • Wide-leg design hides drains and catheter bag.
  • Internal and external pockets for personal items, such as wallet or tissues.

Sizing Guide

We have been generous in the sizing of our garments so please do check our sizing guide to avoid any surprises when you receive your clothes. We can not, unfortunately, offer free return shipping.

For your info, Patrick  is wearing a size M top and size M trousers. He is 1.92 meters (5’8”) tall. and weighs 90 kg (198 lbs).

Dressing Tip

This item can be combined with the relaxed trousers to create an attractive, comfortable and functional pyjamas or leisurewear outfit.  See the full functionality of our men’s long-sleeved t-shirt top in our video here.


All prices are excluding VAT as the UK government currently applies a zero rate to products, such as ours, that are specifically destined for use by those with a chronic illness or disability, wherever they may live. We will, however, request that you complete a short statement of good faith after purchase in order that we can keep this special status and thus make these clothes accessible to as many people as possible. Thank you.




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