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When suffering from a chronic illness our bodies dictate much of how we feel, the management of pain and discomfort being an ongoing struggle.  Our recent #IFeelBetterWhenI campaign was, though, a wonderfully uplifting insight into the many ways that individuals manage this – finding the best means of taking their minds away from the medical condition and enjoying the life they lead.

Those who took part were managing lives with cancer, Crohn’s and kidney disease to name just a few but the theme of the responses were clear – time spent on self-care and pampering; spent with friends, family and loved ones; or spent with nature, be it the woods, the beach, or the great outdoors, are the perfect distractions from reality, providing some genuine respite from pain.

Those who shared their greatest distractions automatically entered into our competition to win a piece of INGA Wellbeing patient clothing, and in spite of the results being selected at random there is no doubt that our worthy winner Sarah-Louise inspired us with her thoughts: 

“#IFeelBetterWhenI sit outside and appreciate nature. I sit and think how lucky I am to have fought cancer twice and thus far I am winning. I am so grateful and blessed to be here still the chemo and radiotherapy was so hard to get through and the side effects I’ve been left with are horrific but I am still here and that I am truly grateful for. I have many long term health conditions and sometimes going out is not possible bedbound for days on end so anytime I can even manage to sit in my garden is so relaxing. Stay strong fellow fighters you are not alone ”

Sarah Louise selected our beautiful cross-over top and relaxed trousers which we hope provide her with a great deal of comfort and help her #FeelBetterWhen she wears them!

Other wonderful suggestions included:

  • BrainlessBlogger @Nikki_Albert: #ifeelbetterwhenI write. Writing for me is a great pain distraction. That and reading. So, yeah, I feel better when I write or blog.

  • Sarah-Jayne @alove4langs: #ifeelbetterwhen I’m at uni in lectures not thinking about the pain I am in but more interesting things. I feel worse at home alone that for me is the killer not the pain

  • A Chronic Voice @AChVoice:  #ifeelbetterwheni can take a nice, hot shower! #spoonie #chroniclife #chronicpain

  • Cynthia Baughman @photobaugh:  #IfeelbetterwhenI have a positive outlook, eat healthy, practice yoga and practice daily gratitude.

  • The Frozen Mind @FrznMind:  #IfeelbetterwhenI change out of my pj’s and put on “real” clothes, accomplish a chore no matter how small…

  • Ruby Isaacson:  #IfeelbetterwhenI massage, heating pad or do a craft.

  • Christine Berckmans: #IFeelBetterWhenI enjoy a nice outside dinner with some nice food, a glass of wine and a bunch of friends who make me laugh to tears!!

  • Susan Kearton:  #IFeelBetterWhenI am surrounded by my loving friends and family, who have helped me through this dark time in my life ?

  • Patricia Jackson:  I feel better when i can get to my greenhouse and tend to my plants.

  • Bryonie Baxter:  #IfeelbetterwhenI get outdoors and wander.

  • Denise Bates: Fresh air and friend therapy. Just to share what’s going on in your head can make life a little easier.

  • Ava Meena:  #IfeelbetterwhenI play video games, laugh with my husband, spend time with my pet birds, take a bath, do a bit of stretching, watch a good TV show, have a cup of coffee, accomplish some chore, no matter how small.

  • Jenna Farmer:  #ifeelbetterwheni cuddle with these pair [who wouldn’t Jenna – they’re divine!!]


Whilst our competition may now have closed we would still love to hear of any activities, products, thoughts or hobbies that help you feel better, so that we can share them with others in need of a mental mini break and give them a little inspiration.  You can message us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.  Do follow us to see what others post and share. 

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