Pole dancing to pampering can help ease chronic pain!!

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Escapism is a magical thing, and today we are inviting you to join a worldwide escapist movement with our campaign #IFeelBetterWhenI.  When living with a chronic illness it can be particularly hard to take a well-earned mental mini-break – Some like to take their body and mind to a place of calm, whilst others temporarily step out of the drudge of day-to-day life by feeling a little pampered or spending precious time with family.  For some it can be exercise that lifts them from the grey cloud into the blue sky above, as so much research teaches us it will – though we were blind-sided by the outstanding application of exercise recommended by blogger Ruthy Websdale

who elects to stretch those limbs with a little light pole dancing – read more below!

Being able to be yourself and even temporarily leave the position as ‘patient’ and return to life as a ‘person’ was the driving force behind starting our patient clothing company INGA Wellbeing.  We design and make clothes that offer real comfort, independence and dignity even when connected up to medical devices so that you can feel better – feel like YOU. We would therefore like to say the most enormous THANK YOU to the wonderful bloggers below, each of whom write and manage the most incredible sites helping those living with chronic illness or pain to know that they are not alone, for sharing with us all what helps them think #IFeelBetterWhenI.

Please do share your thoughts and ideas on instagram, Facebook and Twitter by including the hashtag #IFeelBetterWhenI and tagging us @ingawellbeing.   All of your small or big gestures, your treasured items, your favourite foods, your soul-restoring places will be shared widely on our social media accounts and website in the hope of inspiring and helping others that might be in need of a pick-me-up. You can contribute your ideas as a video, a photograph, a text, a list, a song: whatever works for you.

Importantly, we will be giving one lucky contributor, chosen at random on May 16th, a free top, trousers, or dress from our INGA Wellbeing adapted patient clothing collection as our way of helping them, or a loved one, to feel better.  You can choose the item, size and colour and we will send it to you with love and best wishes from the team. (You can already browse the collection by clicking on this link.)

Exercise plays a key role for many in helping to feel better, as shown in the views of:

  • Ruthy Websdale: I feel better when I pole dance. The stretching and movement involves helps me keep active and battle my chronic pain and fatigue! Http://d2shine.co.uk
  • Amber Crockatt –  I feel better when I take a walk every day, even if it’s just around the block.
  • Laura Martin – I feel better when I can get out on my bike, some days I can’t but the days I can I feel free.

Those like Lynley, Emma and Nikla feel better when they physically take themselves to a place of calm:

  • Lynley Gregory: I feel better when… I can sit and watch the sea and its waves crashing against the shore. With a portion of fish and chips in my hand, the world suddenly seems a better place….. https://topladytalks.com/ (I’m really with you on this one Lynley!)
  • Emma Oxley – I feel better when I take time out just for me. A short meditation, a yoga class, a walk in the fresh air or just an uninterrupted cup of my favourite coffee!! emmaeatsandexplores.com
  • Our own co-founder @INGA Wellbeing says #IFeelBetterWhenI go for a walk with my daughter and dog and am grateful for the ways in which my body does work rather than concentrating on the ways it does not.

For others it’s self-care such as:

  • Ardra Shepinetz I feel better when I put on a bra and shave my armpits. trippingonair.com
  • Nicole Hamilton I feel better on the days I have the energy to do my hair properly and put on a wee bit of makeup. Surgery scars have robbed me of self-confidence so being able to do this once in a while is lovely. sparklesatmidnight.com
  • Rachel Jury: I feel better when I do my affirmations and take time out from my busy day for self-care. This could be a bath, walk, journaling or drawing to reconnect with myself. rocking2stomas.co.uk/blog

Family can be the perfect antidote for many pains – spending time with those we love is one is a powerful tonic:

  • Shireen Hand I feel better when I look at how happy and content my little boy is. Knowing that my chronic illnesses haven’t taken away his spirit means I must be doing an ok job. ❤emlwy.com
  • Natalie Gardner I feel better when I spend time with my children. They help bring a structure to the day, making sure I’m up and ready. They give me something to fight for and keep me smiling. thespooniemummy.com

With so many inspiring bloggers to be found on the web it comes as no surprise that the process of putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) can be a worthwhile therapy:

  • Robert Joyce I feel better after doing my daily meditation while I watch the birds gathering for the nests of the soon to arrive hatchlings. This helps me accept the cycle of life. Then all my thoughts go straight into my journal, giving me a blank canvas to start the day. Grateful. a30minutelife.com
  • Sam Moss I feel better when I blog. Writing helps take my focus away from my pain. It’s works as a wonderful distraction therapy. https://mymedmusings.com


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