Our Philanthropy

Our motivation for developing a range of attractive and comfortable clothing for patients is a deep desire to improve patient wellbeing; to soften the edges of hospitalisation and to make this difficult time more bearable.

This is also why we support partner healthcare organisations in their efforts to improve patient wellbeing, and are actively involved in projects that make hospitals less frightening places for children.


In 2016, two years of fundraising led by Nikla resulted in the opening of a playground at Belgium’s only dedicated children’s hospital. The inclusive play area was carefully designed to enable young patients to play alongside their able-bodied siblings, giving them a much-needed respite from the harsh realities of medical treatment and allowing precious memories to be created. Named after Nikla’s daughter Lydia, who was treated at the hospital, the playground has been an instant hit and plans are underway to create a sensory garden next to it.

​You can read about the playground and see photos on the website of Kids Care asbl, the charity that supports the patients and families at HUDERF.  Plans are now underway to create a sensory garden next to the playground.


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INGA Wellbeing has closed


Thank you for visiting our website.  After three and a half years of trading, we took the difficult decision to close our doors in December 2019.  Thank you to all who shared our commitment to improving patient wellbeing with adapted clothing suited to the realities of medical treatment. Together we achieved so much – please view our three minutes of memories here.

  • If would like to purchase some of our clothing, we encourage you to contact AnnaDane Wellness, based in Texas USA.
  • If you are a company or charity that is interested in producing our patient clothing, we have decided to offer our award-winning designs for free. You can use them as they are, or as the basis of your own collection. Please contact Claire Robinson at claireingawellbeing@google.com, if you would like to know more.
  • If you are a hospital that would like to offer your patients an improved experience and improve their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, our institutional collection is being further developed and tested by a Dutch university hospital and we would be delighted to put you in touch with them. Please contact Nikla Lancksweert at niklaingawellbeing@google.com

We wish you all the very best for the future,

The INGA Wellbeing team:

Claire, Nikla, Fiona and Christine