Are you the ‘helpful one’ or the ’hassled one’?!

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When a group of friends say ‘We should definitely buy a get-well gift for XX’, are you the one who blinks first and says, ‘I’ll do it’, or the ridiculously busy one that wants to chip in, but keeps forgetting to pay up? Truth is I’ve been in both categories.  I so enjoy getting gifts for loved ones, but I hate chasing late payers (sorry for the times I’ve been one!), and inevitably end up out of pocket. It’s why I was really excited to discover that a team of IT-savvy  ‘helpful ones’ have created a fantastic technology that makes group gifts really easy to organise.

Aptly called ‘Chippin’ – because we all ‘chip in’, get it? – the app is embedded in the behind-the-scenes workings of online shops. Once the group ‘leader’/organiser has selected the item to be gifted and provided the email addresses and a personal note for others that may want to contribute, the app gets to work sending a polite email, collecting the funds and, once all payments are processed, organising the shipping.  Easy!

Here at INGA Wellbeing, we love it so much that we’ve integrated it in our new site so that buying luxury patient clothing is accessible to everyone.  Now those looking to support a loved one through medical treatment can all ‘chip in’, hassle free, for beautiful clothes that will provide greater comfort, independence and dignity.   One person leads the way in selecting the perfect dress, trousers or top, and others (who perhaps know the individual less well or live further away but are keen to give a truly helpful and thoughtful item) can join in to make it possible.

In our experience when somebody is diagnosed with an illness, particularly a chronic one, many people feel a little awkward asking what would help, or what they would like. It’s why so many elect for a ‘safe’ bunch of flowers, rather than a genuinely helpful gift. They’re worried they might say the wrong thing, ask a question that can’t be answered or generally put their foot in it. They are really keen to show they care, but don’t know how to turn their thoughtfulness into helpfulness. There is though, usually, one or two that know they can say or ask anything. By providing Chippin we hope to empower those who are the trusted confidante to find out just what would make the difference – bring a little comfort, luxury, and pleasure, whilst empowering those less confident to nevertheless chip in and provide support that will really make a difference.

If you want to find out more about the way that Chippin works take a look at this page on our website, where we have posted a short explanatory video.  I can also testify myself how easy it is as before installing it on INGA Wellbeing I organised a group gift among my cousins to buy flowers for my aunt from another online shop with Chippin. By giving collectively we were able to purchase a jaw-dropping bouquet, whereas alone I would have been able to offer much less, and it was all done with zero bother and in next to no time. We give a big five stars to the team at Chippin who just made group purchasing a great deal easier.  Give it a go – split the cost, spread the love, share giving, chip in!  See how you can support a loved one going through treatment at our online store.

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