Testimonials from doctors, nurses and patient groups

  • "We think that INGA Wellbeing collection is innovative and creative. This will be a huge benefit for patients."

    May Tucker & Sylvia Turner Stoma care department, St Mary's Hospital Paddington, United Kingdom
  • "We think that being able to look 'normal', dress and undress independently plays an important part in patients' recovery. INGA's concept is therefore very interesting."

    Dr. Sophie Cvilic Head of radiotherapy, Breast Clinic, Cliniques St. Jean, Brussels
  • "INGA Wellbeing clothing enables medical staff to examine, and even treat, patients easily and without having to fully undress them, both maintaining patient dignity and comfort and saving valuable nursing time. These innovative, yet normal looking, garments should help patients to regain their independence more quickly as they are empowered to dress themselves, move about and socialise, which in turn should promote a speedier recovery."

    Jacques Peeters Medical technical department head nurse and specialist in ergomotricity, Jules Bordet Institute, Belgium
  • "There is a great need for ways to help patients to be seen and treated as people, not as patients.  I think that INGA would go a long way to helping empower patients and their loved ones to retain their sense of femininity and individuality."

    Rosa Meza MacMillan Information Centre Supervisor, Harley Street Clinic, UK
  • "The Mimi Foundation and INGA Wellbeing share the same aims: to help patients preserve their self-esteem, their courage and their strength. The INGA range of clothing is elegant, attractive and very practical and will improve patients’ quality of life during treatment.”

    Cécile Van Parijs Managing director of the Mimi Ullens Foundation, a European cancer patient support charity, Belgium.
  • "I absolutely love your clothing range and ... think they would be really practical and make a huge difference to patients wellbeing."

    Ella Davies-Smith www.physiofixblog.com
  • "Maintaining a neat and cared-for appearance can give hospitalised and at-home care patients a sense of well-being. The clothes created by INGA can help them considerably in this way, while also enabling nurses to work more efficiently,"

    Anne-Christine de Cleene Co-founder of AISE: specialist training for nurses in patient wellbeing, Belgium
  • "At Qualivity we believe it is important to be able to offer solutions to our patients that are in accordance with our values of quality, respect and attention to the individual. In light of this focus on ensuring a good quality of life at each stage of illness, Qualivity was delighted to learn about INGA's fantastic concept, which places the emphasis on the 'person'.  The products and the company are a perfect fit for our values and we are happy to participate in the development of this fledgling business."

    Loic Malluquin CEO of Qualivity Soins, an at-home nursing care provider, Belgium
  • "Your project sounds amazing & I completely agree about the vulnerability you feel in your PJs in a hospital bed. The patients as people message seems to be starting to be heard by the people who need to hear it. I will keep shouting for as long as I can. I wish you lots of luck and every success with your endeavours. Best wishes, Kate x"

    Dr. Kate Granger NHS Geriatric doctor who, following her cancer diagnosis, campaigned to improve patient care with the "Hello, my name is ..." campaign, United Kingdom
  • “Votre projet est fantastique et nous vous encourageons vivement à poursuivre vos objectifs.”

    Joanne Cols Mimi Ullens Foundation
  • “Votre projet est magnifique. Il est clair que le bien-être passe aussi par se sentir bien dans ses vêtements. Et la tenue d’hôpital n’est certainement pas une tenue esthétique dans laquelle on se sent bien.”

    Margaux Devillers Coordinator sociale projects, Fondation Contre Le Cancer
  • "To me, INGA Wellbeing is the driving force behind the first fashion design label that really makes the difference for patients and medical staff. It is a pleasure to see the passion with which they pursue their goal, their perseverance, and the expertise they have engaged to succeed in their mission. It is great to see the first, of hopefully many more collections by this company, already being used in an in-clinic trial, and soon to be available for purchase."

    Kristine Debruyne Innovatie Centrum, Belgium
  • “Working hand in hand with INGA Wellbeing we we hope to be able to develop clothing that patients will be comfortable wearing and which will improve their quality of life by discreetly monitoring their health and helping to keep them safe by alerting carers to unexpected changes in their condition or whereabouts.”

    Marc Croes consultant hygiene and medical at Belgian textiles research center Centexbel, a founder of the SMARTpro project.
  • “INGA Wellbeing has developed a range of clothing that works just as well for the young body form as for the aging body shape and, as such, would be of interest to both young, middle-aged and elderly patients.”

    Joris Cools, researcher fashion technology at University College Gent, which hosts European project into clothing innovation for the elderly D-Dag.
  • “Vous apportez un vent nouveau sur la manière de reconsidérer le malade et la maladie. Le malade est déjà affaibli et un rien fait flancher son moral . Ce moral qui fait évoluer de manière significative et positive sa lutte contre la maladie. Vous lui permettez de lui redonner confiance en lui offrant une plus belle apparence extérieure. C’est essentiel pour lui et pour la famille et amis qui l’entourent. Ces vêtements sont non seulement beaux mais très bien pensés au niveau technique.”

    Muriel Gottschalk, Cointe Sante Bandagisterie, Liege
  • "I have worn your dress during three admissions over the last three weeks. I love it and it has helped me feel like myself while in the hospital" ------- if it helps I'm a doctor, so this has been an incredibly eye opening experience to be on the other side of medical care".

    Lucienne (Doctor), USA


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INGA Wellbeing has closed


Thank you for visiting our website.  After three and a half years of trading, we took the difficult decision to close our doors in December 2019.  Thank you to all who shared our commitment to improving patient wellbeing with adapted clothing suited to the realities of medical treatment. Together we achieved so much – please view our three minutes of memories here.

  • If would like to purchase some of our clothing, we encourage you to contact AnnaDane Wellness, based in Texas USA.
  • If you are a company or charity that is interested in producing our patient clothing, we have decided to offer our award-winning designs for free. You can use them as they are, or as the basis of your own collection. Please contact Claire Robinson at claireingawellbeing@google.com, if you would like to know more.
  • If you are a hospital that would like to offer your patients an improved experience and improve their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, our institutional collection is being further developed and tested by a Dutch university hospital and we would be delighted to put you in touch with them. Please contact Nikla Lancksweert at niklaingawellbeing@google.com

We wish you all the very best for the future,

The INGA Wellbeing team:

Claire, Nikla, Fiona and Christine