A Haven for Breast Cancer Patients to find Comfort and Dignity

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We are extremely excited today to announce our partnership between Breast Cancer Haven and INGA Wellbeing, providing beautiful, comfortable day and nightwear for breast cancer patients supported by Breast Cancer Haven, offering them greater independence, comfort and dignity during treatment, and making a donation to the charity for all sales made via their website.

It means a great deal to the team at INGA Wellbeing to have confirmed such a positive partnership as our award-winning patient clothing was, in part, inspired by the years of breast cancer treatment endured by Diana Morley, our co-founder Claire’s mother, alongside other loved ones of the founding team.

The partnership will enable all visitors to both Breast Cancer Haven’s five drop in centres or their online webshop to benefit from a 15% discount across the collection – be sure to use the online coupon code provided to claim the discount.

At Breast Cancer Haven they talk about the sudden transition from making your own decisions and being in control, to being relegated to the status of ‘a patient’ when diagnosed with cancer, and they work tirelessly to address this challenge.  Just like INGA Wellbeing, Breast Cancer Haven sees not a patient, but a person. Together we will help to give an element of control back to those undergoing treatment.  Breast Cancer Haven provides counselling and therapies designed for the individual to help find themselves again. The INGA Wellbeing clothing collection, designed to  be worn during both medical and recuperative therapies, provides easy and dignified access to all parts of the body, without the need to fully undress, empowering those connected to IVs, drains, portacaths and catheters to dress and undress independently – in short to see themselves, and be seen by others as more that a patient; a person.

We love the words of Breast Cancer Haven, they so perfectly represent the work that we are both trying to achieve:

We know you’re someone special. Someone strong. Someone loved.  Sometimes that person can get lost during cancer treatment. We’re determined not to let that happen – we’ll do whatever it takes to help you find her again.

To find out more about the collection at INGA Wellbeing, and how their men’s and women’s clothing can help improve the mental and physical wellbeing of those undergoing medical treatment visit our site at www.ingawellbeing.com.

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