Frequently Asked Questions

Unique Features

What are the unique features of INGA Wellbeing clothes?

These clothes have been meticulously created by a talented fashion designer with expert guidance from nurses, so they not only work really well in a medical setting, but look ‘normal’ and are wonderfully comfortable to wear. Unlike other patient clothing, we have ensured that our clothes work for most medical conditions thereby providing peace of mind for both the purchaser and wearer. The discreet poppered openings provide easy access to the body and the clothes are all made using natural, soft, stretchy jersey for maximum comfort as well as pockets for drains, medical devices and personal items.  As a result, patients:

  • are empowered to dress themselves and can therefore maintain their independence
  • feel comfortable as  IV lines and drains do not tug and the fabric helps regulate body temperature and odour.
  • feel dignified, as they can remain well-covered for most examinations and many treatments
  • feel equal to their caregivers and self-confident, and thus more in control of their own treatment.
Medical Conditions

Do INGA Wellbeing clothes work for all conditions or are they just cancer clothing?

Our clothes are not condition specific.

​Indeed, we have taken great care to ensure that our clothes are helpful for as many patients as possible and will provide comfort and practical dressing solutions no matter how an illness evolves and what additional medical interventions a patient may require. We have also chosen to make our clothes in soft and stretchy fabrics so that they will accommodate changing body shapes and sizes.

​As a result, you do not have to be a medical expert and spend time working out which garment would work for you or your loved one. Nor do you have to worry that should medical needs change over time, you will have to buy another INGA Wellbeing item.

Hospital Rules

Will medical staff allow me to wear INGA Wellbeing clothes in hospital?

Yes! Currently patients are encouraged to wear their own clothes, laundered at home, as soon as possible and nurses are ready to assist in threading IV lines, drains and monitors through sleeves etc. There is therefore no reason whatsoever why medical staff should say no to INGA Wellbeing clothes.

Indeed, our experience has shown that quite the reverse is true: medical staff will be delighted with the INGA Wellbeing clothes as not only can many patients dress and undress themselves therefore requiring less nursing time, but in addition getting access to the patient’s body is easier and faster making routine examinations and treatments quicker and less exhausting to carry out. We think you’ll find your nurses will be big fans of your clothes, and not just because they work well… but because they look great too!

Medical Staff

What special instructions should I give to medical staff if I am wearing INGA Wellbeing clothes?

None should be necessary. We have designed these clothes with advice from nurses and the feedback we have had has been positive. Perhaps the only thing to say is that, just as with anything new, there may be a period of learning and adjustment during which time the old ways of doing things may still be preferred or considered better. However, by showing them all the features of your INGA Wellbeing clothes, we feel certain they will adjust their methods to take full advantage of being able to examine and treat their patients quickly and easily while maintaining their dignity.

Dressing Tips

How do I put on INGA Wellbeing clothes?

It’s very easy!

  • First, ensure all the poppers are done up.
  • Then put on the garment as if you were dressing normally. Be sure to keep the IV line infront of you.
  • Close the garment as you would normally. We have provided red guide lines to help you avoid mispoppering and enabling you to miss some poppers if you are in a rush or find them fiddly.
  • Finally, release the IV lines by un-poppering and then re-poppering a section at a time, starting at the shoulder.
Capsule Wardrobe

Can I mix and match INGA Wellbeing clothes with my own?

Yes! Absolutely! We purposely created these clothes to be as versatile as possible so that you can wear them as you need them — during the day, or at night; with your own clothes or as a whole outfit. This means you need only purchase what you need, although it is a good idea to at buy at least two of each item so that you can wear one while the other is in the wash. Three is ideal as then you have one ready in your wardrobe just in case (Take a look at our discounted care packages).

Washing Tips

How do I wash and dry my INGA Wellbeing clothes?

It is important to consider INGA Wellbeing clothes as private, personal clothing rather than impersonal, institutional clothing and treat them accordingly. As such, do not put them in the hospital industrial laundry along with sheets and towels to be boiled, but rather wash them as you would your own clothes at lower temperatures, with normal detergent and then hang to dry. Indeed, we have found in our many wash’n’wear tests that if you simply hang the damp clothes up after washing, they will dry so well that you may even be able to avoid ironing them all together!

​TIP: Remember to do up all of the poppers/press studs before putting the clothes in the washing machine as this will help the garment keep its shape and make it easier to hang up to dry afterwards!

Industrial Laundering

Can INGA Wellbeing clothes be washed by a residential laundry company?

Yes. If the laundry company collects and washes residents’ personal clothes then there is no reason that they could not wash INGA Wellbeing clothes. Just remember to do up all of the poppers/press studs before putting the clothes in the laundry basket!


What size should I order?

We have a chart with key measurements that should help you identify your correct size. We have been generous in our sizing so you may want to consider a size smaller than your usual size, particularly as most patients tend to lose weight during medical treatment.

Our fabrics are soft and stretchy and we have chosen styles, such as cross over tops and dresses, and included design features such as adjustable bands and elasticated waists, to allow for some changes in body shape and size.

We have also added poppers at the ankles so that you can tighten the trouser leg, thereby lifting  and shortening it if you find it is a little too long for you.


What fabrics are INGA Wellbeing clothes made from and why?

We have made a very conscious choice to select only natural fabrics for our clothes. It has not been easy, but we know from our own experiences, and have heard time and again from medical staff, that natural fabrics ensure patients are more comfortable as they help to better regulate body temperature and odour.  INGA Wellbeing clothes are therefore all made with a cotton/viscose mix. Viscose (also known as rayon) is made from wood pulp and is very soft, breathable, drapes well, is highly absorbent and does not trap body heat. It was first created as an alternative to silk and is wonderfully soft against the skin.


How much will postage cost?

We have decided to offer postage for free, worldwide.  Because these garments are so complex and therefore costly to produce, and we think it is important to use a high-quality fabric in order to ensure patients’ comfort, we are aware that the clothes are already quite pricey.  While we can not reduce that price any further, we wanted to be able to help patients, wherever they are, to receive the clothes without any additional costs.

Hospital Delivery

Can I get the clothes delivered directly to a hospital?

You will need to speak to your hospital about this.  Ask your nurse or an administrator if it is possible to receive post to your ward, but generally that is fine, so long as the ward is clearly identified in the address.


What will the clothes be packaged in?

We know the pleasure you can get from opening up a parcel that you have been looking forward to.  Standard deliveries will be sent in a postal bag to ensure the clothing is protected in transit, with the clothes inside simply wrapped in tissue paper.

​If you would like to send INGA Wellbeing clothes as a gift, please select gift wrapping at checkout and we will place them in an elegant white box tied with a green bow.

Group Purchases

We have made it easy for you to set up and manage a group purchase of INGA Wellbeing clothing by family, friends or colleagues thanks to a simple online system aptly called ‘Chippin’.

Once you have selected the preferred items for your loved one and gone through to checkout, you will be prompted to select ‘Chippin’ from among the payment options and enter the contact information for all those you would like to invite to contribute to a shared gift. The system will then send a polite and informative email to these individuals explaining what you are proposing along with a personal message from you.  The purchase is completed when the total amount needed has been contributed within a particular timeframe. Simple. Secure. And no more chasing money. Because spreading the cost is sharing the giving.

Returns Policy

What is the returns policy?

We understand that under the circumstances when you need INGA Wellbeing clothing it can be difficult to get to a post office quickly, so we allow 30 calendar days for you to return any unwanted item(s) for a full refund, or send back any item(s) to exchange for a different size.

Clothes must remain unworn (except for trying them on) and still have the original tags in order to be eligible for a refund or exchange. Refunds will be made to the card which was used to purchase the item. (NOTE: if your ‘home’ currency is not UK sterling, then currency exchange rate changes between the date of your purchase and the date of the refund may result in a small difference in the amount returned to you. It is the automated international payment system that determines this and not in our control. )

Returns Info

How can I return my goods?

To return your goods, please place the unworn garment(s) in the packaging in which they were sent, or an alternative, robust packaging and post them back to:

INGA Wellbeing Ltd,
Woodbine Cottage,
Southbrook Road,
West Ashling,
West Sussex,

Please see our terms and conditions for the full details of our returns policy before returning them.  NOTE: We do not offer pre-paid postage for returned items. To avoid unnecessary returns and therefore additional costs to you, we encourage you to examine the sizing guide before ordering to ensure you select the appropriate size.

Staying in touch

How can I stay informed about developments at INGA Wellbeing?

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