For Care Organisations

In order to improve the patient experience for as many people as possible, we are partnering with hospitals, at-home nursing groups, patient support organisations, elderly care homes and others in the healthcare sector.

​Our clothes provide dignity and comfort to those receiving medical treatment as well as enabling doctors, nurses and carers to provide more respectful and efficient care.

​Please contact us if your organisation is interested in discussing a potential collaboration. Options include, but are not limited to:


  • Purchasing a selection of our clothing for your patients (NOTE: our existing consumer range should be washed in residential laundry conditions, however we are developing an institutional range that can be washed by industrial laundry companies).


  • ​Offering INGA Wellbeing patient clothing for sale in your own shop.

  • Offering patients a customised discount code for use on the INGA Wellbeing e-shop, and receiving 5% of revenues as a sales commission for your institution or charitable foundation of choice.


To find out more, please contact:

To download an overview of INGA Wellbeing as a .pdf document, please click here.

For Care Organisations
For Care Organisations

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