Features & benefits

Features Benefits
Clothes look entirely normal > Patients feel like themselves and keep their self confidence
Discreet openings for IV lines, drains, monitors, examinations, treatments and massages > Nurses able to give more respectful & efficient care, and patients stay well covered and comfortable
Full arm opening enables independent dressing and undressing (for many) even with IV lines in place > Patients can decide for themselves when they want to shower, change, get ready for bed
Exterior pockets > Able to carry personal items e.g. cellphone, money, tissues
Soft, gently elasticated fabric > Comfortable to wear
Wrap design and/or poppers to adjust size > Accommodates patients’ changes in weight and shape
Made from natural fibres, washable at 40 degrees C > Patients’ bodies able to better control temperature and thus odour
Contrast poppers/snap tape and red guide lines provided > Makes it easier to see the poppers and prevent mis-poppering
No metal parts > Can be worn safely for MRIs and x-rays. Tested!

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