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  • I wore my cross over top to a chemotherapy session and the nurse was also really impressed. The top is quite discreet ... as the poppers on the sleeve are well hidden. It wasn’t until I put the top on that I appreciated the design as it really is a great top for wearing in hospital.

  • As soon as I put the top on a huge smile came to my face and I realised this would be my go-to item every time I go into the hospital. Not only is it extremely comfortable and so soft on the skin but I felt stylish. I didn’t feel ill or exposed ...

  • I'm really pleased with this top! It's really good quality, feels lovely on and I'm almost feeling excited to try it out in hospital!... Although not so excited for the hospital part!  Although the top gives full access to the arms, sides and back with the help of the discreet popper openings, it also keeps you fully covered. The poppers mean you can wear it as open as you wish and you can also roll up the sleeves.

  • When poorly, feeling like a presentable human being rather than a character from some sci-fi movie is definitely a mood booster. And the act of dressing independently in the clothes from INGA Wellbeing is downright euphoric!  With accessible side openings, the long-sleeved top by INGA Wellbeing helps bypass the lengthy ordeal of threading my lines through my clothes.

  • I think they are brilliant!  Comfortable, lightweight, easily accessible for all my tubes.  I spend a lot of time in pyjamas or lounge wear but it can be a pain to have my TPN or fluids running in them, so often end up not having a top on which then makes me cold and uncomfortable around others who can see all my tubes and bag on show…. with the INGA top I don’t have to undress to do this as it just hangs out the side.

  • If you are a frequent flier of the endoscopy unit you are going to LOVE this [back-opening dress].  It’s such a good idea I can’t believe I’ve never come across it before.  When you’re in hospital it’s when you need comfort most and it’s the hardest to find. This would be brilliant for anyone that has an ileostomy or a colostomy.

  • The real genius to my mind are the poppers that go up to your thigh [of the relaxed trousers]… You don’t have to sit there with your pants showing… I have to say the nurses are just amazed by it. They think it’s fantastic.  They’re really super soft and have a lot of give in them.

  • I’m glad that INGA lent me these clothes because for once I didn’t feel like a hospital person. I wasn’t wearing really ugly, everybody-wears-the-same kind of things.  I was different and felt more like myself…. If you’re not happy your chances of getting better are really much, much lower.

  • When I was in hospital I got this shirt and it’s been amazing! I love it! You can pretty much open it anywhere. It’s been so helpful because you can open it on the side to get access to your tube. I’ve actually worn it several times outside the hospital because of how much I love it!

  • "I felt properly dressed and comfortable in INGA Wellbeing clothes and appreciated the fact that to examine the dressings on my breast, the nurse needed only to unpopper one sleeve. The fabric was soft and moved with me, which felt much better than just wearing a standard t-shirt. If a friend of mine had to go into hospital or was facing long-term medical treatment I would buy them one of these to help them get through their ordeal with dignity."

  • It makes it easier to feel good about oneself during a difficult time. If you want to get out of your room and go for a coffee, get out of your room, you don’t feel at all that you’re in pyjamas or a dressing gown, so one has a feeling of real self-confidence.

  • "I felt as if I was in normal clothes. A guy like any other. Infront of the nurses I felt properly dressed. It was easy to move about and the fabric was very pleasant to sleep in. The patient with whom I shared a room was ill at ease because of his catheter, whereas because of the openings in the clothes that I was wearing it was not really an issue for me. Also, several patients who saw me asked me where I got the clothes. The nurses were really pleased with them too as it made it easier for them to carry out their work."

    Pinto - more than a patient; a person.
  • "I love the (t-)shirt! It is extremely convenient. The nurses and the doctor loved it too. Everybody did!"

    Bertrand - more than a patient; a person
  • "My aunt loved the (night)dress! It made a great gift for me to give her at a time when it is difficult to know how to be of any real help. The intensive care nursing team looking after her also thought it was superb."

    Valentine - niece to a lady in hospital
  • "Having been hospitalised a few times for more than a few days, I just love INGA Wellbeing . I'm not vain, far from it, I just don't want to spend days and nights in ill-fitting hospital gowns when I have an option of comfortable and practical alternatives. Wonderful clothes."

    Mike - more than a patient; a person
  • “I wore your dress, which by the way is nice and soft and like a cuddle, in hospital. On the oncology ward the doctor was amazed by how functional and discreet things could be done.”

    Saskia -more than a patient; a person
  • "I think that the cut of the nightdress is very pretty. Even I, despite not being the size of a fashion model , found the design very flattering. The fabric was very comfortable." ​

    Marie - More than a patient; a person.
  • "The eight days I was in hospital for my first child were horrendous. After a lengthy labour we eventually had a traumatic delivery which resulted in a crash caesarean. The next week was a blur of pain and tears. I wish I had been given an INGA Wellbeing piece to wear during that VERY EMOTIONAL time. I needed to feel like a person. Like I was being looked after. Like it was going to be ok. Now I recommend INGA Wellbeing to anyone who's about to give birth, and anyone who is unfortunate enough to have an emergency hospital stay. "

    Anna - more than a patient; a person
  • "Your project sounds amazing & I completely agree about the vulnerability you feel in your PJs in a hospital bed. The patients as people message seems to be starting to be heard by the people who need to hear it. I will keep shouting for as long as I can. I wish you lots of luck and every success with your endeavours. Best wishes, Kate x"

    Dr. Kate Granger - more than a patient; a person. NHS Geriatric doctor who, following her cancer diagnosis, campaigned to improve patient care with the "Hello, my name is ..." campaign
  • If you are a frequent flier of the endoscopy unit you are going to LOVE this [back-opening dress].  It’s such a good idea I can’t believe I’ve never come across it before.  When you’re in hospital it’s when you need comfort most and it’s the hardest to find. This would be brilliant for anyone that has an ileostomy or a colostomy.


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Thank you for visiting our website.  After three and a half years of trading, we took the difficult decision to close our doors in December 2019.  Thank you to all who shared our commitment to improving patient wellbeing with adapted clothing suited to the realities of medical treatment. Together we achieved so much – please view our three minutes of memories here.

  • If would like to purchase some of our clothing, we encourage you to contact AnnaDane Wellness, based in Texas USA.
  • If you are a company or charity that is interested in producing our patient clothing, we have decided to offer our award-winning designs for free. You can use them as they are, or as the basis of your own collection. Please contact Claire Robinson at, if you would like to know more.
  • If you are a hospital that would like to offer your patients an improved experience and improve their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, our institutional collection is being further developed and tested by a Dutch university hospital and we would be delighted to put you in touch with them. Please contact Nikla Lancksweert at

We wish you all the very best for the future,

The INGA Wellbeing team:

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