The perfect tote bag: For hospital, errands and the stuff of life

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Ugly, plastic shopping bags be gone! Awkward shoulder bags that slip off constantly or cut in painfully with the weight of wound drains inside are consigned to the past! Move aside flimsy, cotton pouches in whimsical fabrics.  Here, at last, is the perfect tote bag, making life in hospital and outside in the everyday rush, easy and stylish! 


All hail: INGA Wellbeing’s unisex hospital tote bag!

 Ok, ok, I know! That seems like rather a lot of razzmatazz for a bag, but having heard so often from patients about the struggles they had finding something non-stigmatising and comfortable in which to carry around their drains and devices, we realised that solving this often over-looked problem would help many people going through medical treatment to feel better. 


Central to all our designs at INGA Wellbeing is that we want to empower patients to look and feel normal and to empower them to get on with their lives in the most positive way possible so this bag can be worn on the shoulder, carried hands free, attached to a wheelchair or a bedrail and is suitable for use for drains, laundry, medical records, books and other distractions and oh so much more!

 Indeed, we worked with patients and nurses to define a wishlist for the perfect hospital bag and then worked with a specialist fair-trade bag producer to create a prototype and get it made.  The resulting bag is packed with features and benefits:


  • Unisex: men and women can carry this bag without embarrassment.

  • 10oz canvas:  the bag feels sturdy. It isn’t going to tear or fall apart at the slightest thing and it has a quality feel to it without being heavy to carry. 

  • Available in natural or black, with discreet INGA Wellbeing logo:  It goes with anything 

  • 30 cm wide x 35 cm high:  Just the right size. Not too big, not too small. Can carry a couple of drains easily.

  • Metal zip closure:  Keep your belongings secure and avoid things falling out when you put the bag down. Peace of mind.

  • No bottom gusset:  Keeping things simple to keep down the cost!

  • Wide, adjustable shoulder strap with metal clasp. 60 cms fullest shoulder drop:  Comfortable to wear even with heavy drains weighing it down and can be made to fit patients of different heights. 

  • Short handles with strong metal poppered closure:  Perfect for putting it on your belt so you can use your hands and not worry about the bag slipping off your shoulder; or for attaching it to a wheelchair or bedrail.  

  • Interior, zippered pocket  20 cms wide by 10 cms high: The ideal place to store your mobile phone, some cash, and pens. We even double-checked that it would be big enough to carry the larger smartphones.  

  • Washable at low temperatures (40 degrees C) with similar colours: Leaks and spills are going to happen. They’re a fact of life, but we’ve washed our bag a few times in the washing machine and always been happy to see it come out looking good. (That said, boiling is NOT recommended and remember all dyes are unstable so definitely wash darks with darks etc!)

     We could not be more delighted with our tote bag and think it makes a wonderful addition to the INGA Wellbeing range of adapted patientwear.  We would love to hear your thoughts and see photos of you with yours.  In fact, although I am not in hospital myself at the moment, I am proudly using mine for my everyday errands!

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