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The hospital gown’s days are numbered! A revolution in patient clothing is oh-so-close and could dramatically improve the patient experience but to see real and lasting change on the wards, more people need to know how important it is to dress ‘well’ even when unwell.  Will YOU join patients, nurses and INGA Wellbeing to spread the word that patients can, and should, wear real clothing during their medical treatment? You could offer your followers an exclusive discount and earn a little extra for yourself. It’s a win win!  

As a social enterprise determined to empower patients with our attractive adapted men’s and womenswear, the team at INGA Wellbeing is eager to work with anyone similarly passionate about patient care to raise awareness of the alternatives to the hospital gown.  Our experiences as patients and carers inspired us to dedicate many years to this mission and there has been a significant shift with hundreds of patients choosing to wear real clothes and hospitals eager to see their patients getting dressed. 

 But time is running out. 

 A startup’s resources are limited and our award-winning solutions, which patients in the US, UK, Belgium and Australia have called ‘life-changing’, could disappear just because not enough people know about them!  


YOU could make a huge difference. 

 YOUR voice, combined with ours, and those of other passionate ambassadors could get the word out far more effectively than our measly advertising budget could ever achieve! Our voice alone is easily missed but together our message will amplified and heard on every ward. By becoming an ambassador, you will raise awareness of the importance of real clothing for patients and improve the patient experience; be able to offer your followers a discount and earn a commission on all their purchases.   

 Can we count on you? Read on for more details and then, please, do get in touch. Christine, Nikla, Fiona and I are ready and excited to work with you!


The advocacy network will do three really important things:

  1.  Improve the mental and physical health of those undergoing medical treatment through the provision of clothing that is both fashionable and functional., Patients will keep their dignity and feel comfortable even when connected to medical devices. Dressed properly they will feel empowered to walk, get fresh air and see friends thereby reducing the damaging de-conditioning effects of too much bedrest and reducing isolation.

  2. Make INGA Wellbeing’s unique clothing range available at a reduced price.  We are aware that patients and loved ones often face financial challenges (our co-founder herself lives with a chronic illness) and, as a social enterprise, we want our clothes to be accessible to as many as possible without compromising on the soft, natural fabric or complex, innovative design.  We prefer therefore to lower the cost of our clothing for our customers than to spend money on expensive advertising. If you help to spread the word about our clothes, we will gladly pass on our saved advertising budget in reduced prices for your followers. 

  3. Bolster the incomes of those living with and supporting people with chronic ill-health.  We are happy to offer a commission to the bloggers, patient groups, hospitals/hospices or social media stars that have the voice we do not yet have. We know from experience how hard it can be to work full time when living with ill-health so would love to find a way that by helping us, we can help you, providing a commission for all sales you help to drive. And for patient groups, this commission could be put towards the fantastic work that your organisation does. 

How does it work? 

It’s so simple. 

We give you a unique discount code you can share with all your followers, and a sample for you to review – we wouldn’t want you to promote anything you weren’t entirely comfortable with!  Each time that code is used to make a purchase on our site we will pay you a percentage commission. That’s it!!! 🙂   Just contact Claire to get started.   

Because one thing is certain: new patient clothing is needed. We ALL hate the dreaded hospital gown and research shows that it is even damaging for our health. Nurses in the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland are beginning to advocate for patients to get up, dressed and moving to improve patient outcomes. Their campaigns #endPJparalysis, and Ban Bedcentricity are beginning to get real traction and show positive results.  In Nottingham University hospital the trauma and orthopaedic unit reported that doing so resulted in:

  • 37% reduction in falls

  • 86% reduction in pressure injuries

  • 80% reduction in patient complaints

  • Spot audit showed reduction in length of stay of 1.5 days

Our clothes go a step further by making it possible for most patients to dress and undress themselves. To stay independent and not wait for busy nurses to help them with basic tasks. 

 Those that have worn our clothing say it makes a huge difference.  Indeed, patient bloggers that have already tried our clothing have raved about it  “The act of dressing independently in the clothes from INGA Wellbeing is downright euphoric”  wrote Cheyanne, author of Hospital Princess said.

 You can read more blogger reviews here.   

Change is on the way. But it is too slow for a startup.  If you believe change is necessary and want to ensure that patients have a real choice in the future, please do join us as an ambassador and/or share this post with anyone you know with a voice in the patient community – be they a blogger, vlogger, therapist, nurse or hospital director.

Join the revolution to help patients dress ‘well’ even when they are unwell, to improve their mental and physical health. Together we can ensure people are seen as a person; not just a patient. 


 If you would like to take part, or simply find out more, please get in touch with us. You can contact Claire at  Thank you.

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