DRESSING TIP: Shawls are a patient’s best friend!

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A shawl, wrap or scarf is not perhaps the first thing you would think of when packing your bag for hospital but, as a veteran patient, it is my top tip! For in- and outpatients. For men and women. In whatever natural fabric your prefer: wool, cotton, viscose, or silk. I would even say that it is a good idea to have several to hand!   

This simple rectangle of fabric is the ultimate multi-tasker. 

  • Keeps you warm when you go outside for some much-needed fresh air;

  • Helps to cover you up and keep your modesty while waiting for an examination or treatment; and,

  • Can make your hospital room feel more like home when used as a blanket on your bed or draped over a chair.

These wonderfully versatile little bits of cloth can even help you feel better! Colour therapists will advise you that by taking several shawls or scarves of different colours – ideally one of each of the seven chakra shades (red, orange, yellow, green, blue,indigo and violet) – you can reflect and support your physical and emotional wellbeing.  For more information on colour therapy, click here. 

And of course, men are just as able to benefit from a colourful shawl or blanket laid on a bed or chair, even if they don’t want to wear them around their shoulders.  

So pop a few of your favourites in your hospital bag!

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