Beat the summer heat: Short-sleeved t-shirts for patients make hospital wards ‘cool’!

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It’s hot!! Sweltering summer temperatures across Europe and the States mean we are all opting for short-sleeved tops and natural fabrics to try to stay cool.  But spare a thought for patients dressed in polyester hospital gowns on wards where the air-conditioning system is struggling and the windows don’t open very far on top of the fact that ill-health and medications are already playing havoc with their bodies’ ability to regulate hot and cold flushes. I remember it well. It’s not nice. At all.

Just in the nick of time therefore, we are delighted that our manufacturer has delivered our new short-sleeved t-shirts to our warehouse and can start fulfilling orders straightaway!!  

Just like our long-sleeved version, the t-shirts are made in our super soft, natural jersey fabric and have a v-neckline which is much more comfortable to wear in bed than a round neck. They also open at the front and along both arms making dressing with IV lines, drains and monitors possible, have a chest pocket and are available in navy blue or soft grey. The women’s version is also available in dusky pink and all have a pretty contrast bias to add an elegant touch. 


To keep things simple, we decided not to include a side-opening on the short-sleeved tops but instead made the top reversible with a v-neckline at the back so that it can be gently placed onto an immobile patient enabling them to also feel properly dressed, as well as providing two dressing styles for able bodied patients. 

 We’ve been wearing the early prototypes of these tops to our meetings with nurses and patient groups recently in an effort to stay cool ourselves and we and have loved all the positive reaction.  We are so excited to finally have them up on our webshop and available to purchase so that hopefully, at last, patients can feel a little ‘cooler’ in hospital.


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