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INGA Wellbeing patient clothing company met Cécile Pasquinelli, founder of Garance, the French brand offering post-mastectomy lingerie and swimwear for breast cancer survivors. Struck by our shared desire to see real changes in the widespread availability of beautiful clothing during and after illness we discussed why she created her own-brand, how she started and how she now wants British women to also be able to wear lingerie and swimwear that will make them feel pretty and feminine. Here’s how it all started:


“In a large villa in South of France, I was enjoying this beautiful summer morning. I was exhausted by my battle against the disease but grateful for these precious moments with my family and determined to enjoy the sun. In the morning, I had put on a swimsuit, neither ugly nor pretty but the one I had bought after trying on so many different ones and most importantly the one that was hiding this body that I did not want to show.


That’s when I saw her. That woman with incredible long blond hair, getting out of the pool and twisting her hair over her shoulder to try it in such an elegant gesture. I was captivated by her gracefulness, her charm, and her feminity, which felt suddenly so unfamiliar to me. At that moment, I realized how much my own way of moving my body had changed. This realization had a chilling effect on me. The cancer had indeed damaged my femininity.

And that’s when Garance was born!


Why did it have to be that hard to feel like a woman after having breast cancer?

Why wasn’t I wearing a swimsuit that would make me feel pretty, a beautiful swimsuit that I could buy in the same store as all other women?  I decided that no woman should have to go through that again. I was going to fight and change things so that fashion will make the lives of all women who went through, or would go through, the journey I had just gone through, better.  I may not have had lots of energy, but I wanted to do it. And so I did.”

Cécile Pasquinelli – Founder of Garance Paris


Garance is a French brand that offers post-mastectomy lingerie and swimwear for breast cancer survivors. Cécile Pasquinelli decided to create this brand after she was diagnosed with the illness herself. During her treatment, she experienced the same frustration all women affected by cancer face: the loss of their feminity. She wanted to offer something unique to women, to give them both lingerie and swimsuits that will make them feel pretty. That’s what formed the idea of Garance selling fashionable swimwear for women with breast cancer.


All their collections are comfortable, featuring characteristics necessary to support breast prosthesis and of course, colourful, trendy and beautiful. Their lingerie and swimwear also suit women that have had breast reconstruction. Their customers like the fact that their lingerie and swimwear are all wireless but still provide proper support. Their swimwear is also chlorine and UV resistant. As for their lingerie, they have a cotton collection using Supima cotton which is a more resistant and softer fiber, while the Lycra fabric makes it breathable and comfortable all day long. They work with women that have been affected by breast cancer so that their offering is suited to them and all of their models are women that have had the illness.


Garance is more than a fashion brand. They offer an alternative to women, an option to make a choice and decide what they want to wear. They offer women choices that will make them feel proud and confident in their bodies.


When a woman buys Garance, she is not only buying post-mastectomy lingerie or swimwear; she is also supporting their ideas, their story and wants to recapture her femininity once damaged by the illness.  Buying Garance is supporting all women in their battle against the consequences of cancer.


You can shop their lingerie and swimwear collections through their international e-shop that you can find here: If you would like to know more about their history, please check this link.


Feel free to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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