Doctor gives INGA Wellbeing clothing tip to fellow breast cancer patients

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When Professor Corinne Hubinont was diagnosed with breast cancer she, like all patients, was shocked. Although her medical training and long years as a highly reputed obstetrician at Brussels’ university hospital of St. Luc meant she could objectively analyse the data and ask the ‘right’ questions, she struggled to come to terms with her diagnosis and the impact of her treatment. 

 Confronted with a serious illness for the first time in her life; unavoidably faced with her own mortality; her femininity and sense of identity put into question; she decided to write a book about her experiences as a patient. Part diary/private testimony of one woman’s medical journey, and part companion/guide book for other women, “Travels to the land of Breast Cancer: My little notebook of survival” was published in 2017 in French and profits from its’ sale are going to cancer research and to improve the care of patients. 

 We were delighted to discover that in the section ‘Websites and Useful Contacts’, Professor Hubinont had included information about INGA Wellbeing’s range of attractive and comfortable clothing for patient. She noted that the clothes had been designed specifically to accommodate IV lines, drains and monitors.

 Professor Hubinont’s recognition is particularly touching for us as co-founder Claire’s mother Diana had breast cancer and it is her struggles with clothing in hospital and at home that was in part the inspiration for our range of men’s and women’s tops, trousers and dresses. Thank you, Professor Hubinont.

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