A Guide To Supporting Loved Ones


When we find out a family member, friend or colleague is unwell and needs medical treatment, we instinctively want to help. It’s one of the best aspects of human nature: to want to rally round and care for those in need.

​But all too often, convention (it isn’t polite to ask too many questions), confusion (what do they need/how can I help?), and lack of confidence (will I do or say the wrong thing?) prevents us from turning thoughtfulness into helpfulness and we default to flowers, balloons or a fruit basket. While the gesture is of course appreciated, the feel-good factor is brief and the person we care for still feels isolated and continues to struggle with their new reality.

The team behind INGA Wellbeing’s range of attractive and comfortable adapted clothing for medical treatment has experienced the dilemma of how and what to give in these difficult times, both as patients ourselves and as the loved ones of patients. And over the years, we have realised that there are in fact MANY ways to really support people facing a chronic or acute health condition. We have focused here on ways to help them Dress ‘well’, Eat ‘well’, Share ‘well’ and Balance ‘well’.

​We want to share our ideas with you in the hope that you can overcome your awkwardness and find ways to truly help those you love through their health challenges. And, we welcome any suggestions you might have so that we can turn this guide into a really useful resource of tips and links!

​Together let’s de-stigmatise ill health and ensure that people needing medical care receive the kind of help that can make a real difference to their lives.

With love and best wishes,

​Nikla, Claire, Fiona & Christine

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