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Comfortable and attractive patient clothing
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Comfortable and attractive patient clothing
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Comfortable and attractive patient clothing
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Comfortable and attractive patient clothing

More than a patient; a person.

Man's long-sleeved top, patient clothing that is comfortable and stylish

Attractive day and night-wear that looks ‘normal’

Promotes patients’ self-esteem, sociability and mobility across ALL health conditions and is suitable for use throughout individuals’ health journeys.
A man's shirt with poppered openings from collar to cuff, proving that patient clothing can look good, and be fully functional in a hospital environment.

Discreet openings and natural, quality fabrics

Ensures patients stay covered and comfortable for most examinations and treatments.
Back-opening day dress, patient clothing that provides dignity, comfort and enables healthcare workers to provide care with greater ease.

Nurse-approved, poppered design accommodates medical devices

Empowers patients to move about, and to dress and undress themselves, even when hooked up to medical devices.

The Power of Clothes


Patients deserve to dress well and keep their dignity

The right clothes make you feel better, more confident and in control. If you are having chemotherapy, dialysis, surgery or any other intervention, or are simply receiving fluids, you will appreciate our clothes’ good looks, softness and that they keep you covered. 
INGA Wellbeing's back-opening day dress, patient clothing.
INGA Wellbeing's back-opening nightdress, patient clothing.

Inspired by experience, designed by experts

INGA Wellbeing has combined personal experience, expert medical advice and design talent to create comfortable, attractive and functional patient clothing solutions that really work for ALL medical conditions and throughout patients’ treatment journeys.

INGA Wellbeing empowers patients

Our clothing ensures patients keep their dignity, self-esteem, and independence in hospital, hospice, at home and in daily life.  The poppered design enables many patients to dress and undress themselves even when hooked up to IV lines or drains.
INGA Wellbeing men's and women's daywear. Patient clothing.




Our prototypes have been welcomed by medical staff, patient groups and patients in the United Kingdom and Belgium.

"INGA Wellbeing clothing enables medical staff to examine, and even treat, patients easily and without having to fully undress them, both maintaining patient dignity and comfort and saving valuable nursing time. These innovative, yet normal looking, garments should help patients to regain their independence more quickly as they are empowered to dress themselves, move about and socialise, which in turn should promote a speedier recovery.”

Jacques Peeters, Medical technical department head nurse and specialist in ergomotricien, Jules Bordet Institute, Belgium

"There is a great need for ways to help patients to be seen and treated as people, not as patients.  I think that INGA would go a long way to helping empower patients and their loved ones to retain their sense of femininity and individuality."

Rosa Meza, MacMillan Information Centre Supervisor, Harley Street Clinic, London

"The Mimi Ullens Foundation and INGA Wellbeing share the same aims: to help patients preserve their self-esteem, their courage and their strength. The INGA range of clothing is elegant, attractive and very practical and will improve patients’ quality of life during treatment.”

Cécile Van Parijs, managing director of the Mimi Ullens Foundation, a European cancer patient support charity headquartered in Belgium

"This is innnnnncredible!"

"What a fabulous idea! Just because someone is Ill they shouldn't have to suffer the indignity of a hospital gown too!"

"What a great idea!"

"What a cool concept! Have changed my style/clothes to cater to my nerve damage. Truly appreciate what u are doing!"

"I LOVE this! Clothing and garments designed for people with chronic illnesses and conditions designed to allow them to feel "dressed" but allow their medical treatments to continue unimpeded 🙂 Great idea!"


Sample comments from Facebook & Twitter


We want to reduce the stigma and stress of ill health.  We believe in the importance of empowering patients and making medical treatment less intimidating and believe our clothing solutions help with this.

In addition, we are committed to supporting hospitals in their efforts to improve and ‘humanise’ the patient experience, and will contribute to projects such as the refurbishment of waiting areas and the creation of wellness centres etc.

Our first selected project is an outdoor playground at Belgium’s only dedicated children’s hospital HUDERF in Brussels. Specialist equipment will enable in-patients and children with reduced mobility to play with their able-bodied siblings and will provide many different types of sensory experiences to break the boredom of long hospital stays. It will be a place of laughter and fun, where special memories can be made and ‘normal’ childhood moments enjoyed.

You can read more about this wonderful and important project here.


Motivated by our own encounters with ill-health, we want to ensure that patients retain their sense of self, dignity, independence and confidence during treatment. Our clothes enable in and out-patients to stay covered during routine treatments and examinations, to dress and undress themselves, to feel more in control of their wellbeing and confident enough to leave their rooms, get some fresh air and receive visitors. Designed with nurses and patients, our range of male and female day- and nightwear help individuals feel and be seen as ‘more than a patient; a person’.
Nikla Lancksweert

Nikla Lancksweert

I believe that if life gives you lemons, you can choose to make lemonade. INGA Wellbeing is my lemonade.      Read more
Fiona Mc Greal

Fiona McGreal

For me, clothes are more than just fashion. I hope INGA Wellbeing clothes empower patients.  Read more
Claire Robinson

Claire Robinson

My mother proved that passion and tenacity can move mountains. She inspires my work on INGA Wellbeing. Read more

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Alsico Workwear

Our patient clothing collection is produced in ILO-certified factories in Tunisia belonging to global clothing manufacturer Alsico. We are grateful for Alsico’s support and strong collaboration to date.